The place to connect toilet revolutioners

Be amazed by the impact of maintaining your good habits behind closet doors.

I am a home made revolutioner

Learn new habits while sharing yours (anonymously if you like). Get sustainable toilet supply, starting with paper. Maintain your positive impact and get rewarded by easily applicable restroom plants.

I want a revolution at my company

Embarassing topics, spending too much time on toilet supply procurement. Over. Make your loo green and social. Literally. Use it to show that you are part of something bigger. The change.

I have sustainable toiletries

If you are a conscious capitalist. If you believe that your customers should consume only as much as they really need. If you want to directly communicate it. You are at the right spot.

The toilet paper we use could go around the planet every 2 minutes.

Really. There is a counter for that.

How to stop this crap happening?

If you have a toilet. Or more.

Join the community

Everyone wants to have a clean toilet. Just afraid of talking about it. Learn from others, share your experience. Anonymously if you like. We build a knowledge-base together for a sustainable loo experience.

Profile your toilet

What you do not measure, cannot be fixed. Some questions to find out who you are. How much paper you need, or even what to do to make your footprint positive.

Get sustainable toilet supplies

At your doorstep, without queueing and piling afterwards. Delivered from the nearest available spot, from the suppliers with the lowest or most positive impact we know about. Exactly when you need it, perfectly timed before running out.

Reach your goal and get rewarded

Just use your loo wisely. Even if it is maintaining or decreasing your toilet footprint. You will get your reward in the form of a nice piece of anti odor plant, applicable to your restroom coupboard or wall. Finally loo topics will get beautiful.

Offset for others in need

Moreover, when we will reach community goals, a certain amount of cash will go to loo projects in the biggest need.

So we said, we will start with toilet paper.

Just to see what you think about it:

I would definitely use it for my company. I would also love to see it in bars and restaurants. It just makes me easily understand that they are taking the effort to be more conscious.

Liz — sustainable startup owner

It would make my household management more predictable. Possibly I would also use this as an opportunity to make that short time on the toilet more mindful. I really believe that 10 minutes is important from the aspect of body consciousness.

Dorah — zero waster

I usually do not overuse things. But the plants are really nice. Plus I would also love to avoid strolling on the streets with two toilet paper rocket launchers :D

Sofia — happy mum of two

Life is a roll of toilet paper. Near to the end it goes faster.

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